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Portable Home Oxygen Generator

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Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator - In High Demand!

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This new oxygen concentrator for home use is a high quality product with a contemporary design and German engineering .

Its whisper quiet and compact but manufactured to the highest standards for supplying oxygen of  ro 30 to 90% purity.

It offers a maximum flow rate of up to 6 litre per minute and features a timer with automatic power off.

High-low pressure alarm, low oxygen alarm, severed alarm 

With built-in humidification and infrared remote control it offers high comfort standards and can meet the needs of most therapeutic oxygen users for a fraction of the cost of  pharmacy sold equipment..

Oxygen Concentrator Features:

This O2 machine produces oxygen of the highest purity. 
It boasts a truly unique set of functions, tailored to reduce therapy costs while at the same time ensuring ease of use and reliability for the patient

  • Modern design, quiet, small size and high performance.

  • High purity oxygen generation with a maximum flow rate of 6 litre per minute.

  • Remote control for a easy use.

  • Time indicator both for current use and accumulative use.

  • Timer with automatic power off and alarm for different situations.

  • Featuring a pressure relief valve on the compressor that offers the best safety for the device. 

  • Stainless steel metal oxygen nozzle, high-grade and durable.

    • Precision German Copper Oil Free Compressor.

    • Portable design and easy to set up and use - weighs just 6.5 kg

    Oxygen Concentrator Functions:

    1. Negative ion function for 500 million per cm3
    2. Intelligent timing function 
    3. Power saving mode
    4. Sleep mode
    5. Auto power off
    6. Infrared remote control
    7. System-board oxygen
    8. Support for double people breathing oxygen at same time
    9 .Full digital touch screen control

    Package Includes:

    - 1 x DDT-1A Oxygen Concentrator
    - 1 x Remote Control
    - 1 x Oxygen Tube
    - 1 x Water Trap
    - 1 x Headset Oxygen Inhaler
    - 1 x Nasal Suction Oxygen Inhaler
    - 1 x 1.5m Rubber Hose
    - 1 x Inlet Filter
    - 1  x power cable
    - 1 x User Manual
    - 1 x Start Guide
    - 1 x Product Warranty Card
    - 1 x QC Certificate

    Detailed Specifications

    - Plug Type: 110V US Plug
    - Oxygen Concentration(%): 30%-90% Adjustable
    - Applied Voltage: AC110V ±10V 60HZ
    - Display control: LED display touch screen infrared remote control
    - Control distance: 20 Meter
    - Noise(dBA): less than 45db
    - Technology: oxygen concentrator with PSA technology
    - Product Dimension(mm): 340 x 180 x 310mm/13.39 x 7.09 x 12.20''
    - Breathing way: Convenient both in earphone breathing apparatus or nose breathing
    - Oxygen Flow(L/min): OL-6L/Min Adjustable
    - Rated Power(W): 120W
    - Oxygen Pressure: 0.02~0.05MPa
    - Weight: 14.2lb - 6.5 kg

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